Prize Winning Photos
(Click on any picture to see it full screen)
1st place: Mobile Shopping in Cambodia : Lionel Anthony
1st place: Mobile Shopping in Cambodia : Lionel Anthony

2nd place: Tunnel Vision : Tim Smith
2nd place: Tunnel Vision : Tim Smith

3rd place: Nearly at the Top : Jeff Burton
3rd place: Nearly at the Top : Jeff Burton

Viewing Photos
  • All of this year's photos can be viewed at Flickr or by going directly to

  • On the opening page, you'll see a montage of all of the photos. The title of a photo can be determined here, if desired, simply by floating the cursor over a particular photo.

  • A larger view of the photos can be provided by double clicking on any photo - but we suggest clicking on the first photo (top left).

  • Now, you can scroll backwards or forwards through all of the photos by clicking either on the left hand side or the right hand side of the displayed photo / screen.

  • The title of each photo can be seen now by scrolling down the screen. It appears on the left hand side, by a camera icon and by the name "Dave Griffiths" who isn't necessarily the photographer but who simply owns the Flickr Album.

  • If you want to see the photos at maximum size, then switch your browser to "Full Screen" and click on the icon at the bottom right hand side of the Flickr screen - which shows two angled arrows pointing inwards, towards each other.

  • This is probably the best view of each photo and, once again, you can scroll through the photos by clicking on the left hand side or the right hand side of the screen. Unfortunately, however, the titles of the photos can't be seen from this screen - and you'll need to confirm the titles of your preferred photos by one of the methods described above.

  • Competition Rules
  • Up to three images can be entered per person

  • Please give each photo a title

  • Send your photo(s) to Dave Griffiths by the deadline (in 2022) - It's too late for 2021 entries but never too early for 2022 ...

  • The photo(s) should have been taken within the last three years (ideally)

  • Each photo must not be larger than 1MB in size.

    Please do not go mad with digital editing, as this could give an unfair advantage over other entrants who are not so skilled.

    All photos will be uploaded to an on-line Flickr account after 1st October, with a link from the Notts CTC website. The photographer's name will not be revealed on the Flickr site. The photos do not have to feature cycling, but they may win you more votes if they do!

    There will be a month when you will be able to look through the photos on the Flickr site, choose your favourite three pictures, then send your votes to Jeff Burton by e-mail or by post.

    A third place photo will earn one point, second two points and first three points. Scores will be added up and winners announced at our AGM at Lowdham in November. The winner will win a trophy and a prize paid out of the Roger Codling legacy funds. In addition to winning prizes, the top three pictures will be published in Cyclonda in full colour.

  • Voting for 2021 has now closed so please do not send any votes in...
  • Once you've decided which photos you wish to vote for, then you should confirm your choices to Jeff Burton; via email or any other means.

  • You can vote for up to three photos, but you can choose to vote for just one or two photos - if you prefer.

  • If voting for more than one photo, then you should nominate a first choice, second choice and third choice.

  • Your nominated photos should be identified by the title that appears against the photo on the Flickr album.

  • All votes must be received by Jeff by 23:59 21st May to be counted.

  • Last updated 25 May 2021